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We are back, everything is undetected

ZSOFTWARE - Release Information!


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Welcome back!


We have recently re-released our product line with our new "Technology." We have spent the last four months developing this software and are very proud to release it. Our new "Technology." uses virtual machine technology to control any anti-cheat (We support) or protection mechanism on the market. This will significantly help us to stay undetected for more extended periods. With our old bypass, we lasted 13 months, but the old bypass didn't allow us to future-proof for new anti-cheat updates, which eventually led to our downfall. We are confident that this bypass has the potential to last for many years, if not forever.


I moved the operation to another country when we developed our new bypass. We are now operating out of the UAE, which gives us a lot of benefits. This means we can lower prices a bit, too, due to us not having to work with Taxes, VAT, and harsh and expensive accounting regulations. This means we can now openly accept crypto-currencies too. This also helps to protect us from other corporate entities that may have bad intentions for us.


All of our products are the same as before, with the same features. We are, of course going to update our products with new functionality shortly. But we also plan on making products for PUBG, R6S, and more!


With this new release, we have decided to change how our subscriptions operate. This is not final in any shape or form. We want to sell one-day and week keys only, heading forwards. This will make the process of operating more convenient for us, but also for the customers. We have decided to lower the price to an acceptable price so it is still affordable. We also only sell all access keys, which gives you access to all operating products for only the price of one!


Thank you for sticking with us!

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